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  • Greg Niemeyer
  • Department of Art Practice
  • 345 Kroeber Hall
  • Berkeley, CA 94720-3750

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  • Official: niemeyer at berkeley dot edu
  • Private: gregniemeyer at gmail dot com

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  • Facebook: gregoniemeyer

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    This website is designed, coded and maintained by Greg Niemeyer using JavaScript, BootStrap, and the California Old Style Font designed by American type designer Frederic W. Goudy in 1938 for the sole proprietary use of the University of California. Colors are balanced with Paletton. All artwork and content is copyrighted by Greg Niemeyer and respective collaborators unless noted otherwise.


    Greg Niemeyer is a Data Artist and Professor for Media Innovation in the Department of Art Practice at UC Berkeley.

    Summary Bio

    Born in Switzerland in 1967, Gregory Niemeyer studied Classics and Photography. He started working with new media when he arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992. He received his MFA from Stanford University in New Media in 1997. At the same time, he founded the Stanford University Digital Art Center.

    In 2001 he was appointed at UC Berkeley as a Professor for New Media in Art Practice. He co-founded and directed the Center for New Media, focusing on the critical analysis of the impact of new media on human experiences. His current work focuses on mediations between individuals, communities and environments: When do technologies dehumanize us, and when do they help us deepen human experiences?

    Gregory lives in Berkeley, California. He has three kids, runs every day and usually commutes to work by bike. His hobby is building furniture from reclaimed wood.


    Recent awards and funding include:

  • 2017 Hewlett Foundation Grant for "Sonic Web" with DJ Spooky
  • 2014 UCOP ILTI Grant for Teaching Innovation
  • 2013 craigslist Endowed Chair for Media Innovation
  • 2007 MacArthur Foundation Grant for Digital Media Learning

  • Game Bio

    Because we learn so much from games, it could be useful to list not only what work one does, but also what games one plays. Greg's Game Bio goes something like this:

  • 1968 Peekaboo
  • 1968 Ice game: Standing on ice and watch air bubbles move
  • 1969 Distribution of Ovaltine powder on shag carpet to draw tracks with toy trucks
  • 1970 Sidewalk chalk games
  • 1978 Early adventures in fishing.
  • 1979 Merlin (Parker Brothers)
  • 1980 Beginning fencing (Floret)
  • 1982 Advanced fencing
  • 1983 Practiced hypnosis
  • 1984 Atari Pong on the home TV set
  • 1986 Ping Pong with Classics books on school desks
  • 1987 Camera games: photo duels, name the location of this photo
  • 1991 Tetris
  • 1992 Birth of first son, Alexander: endless new games to play
  • 1996 Photograph things which come in certain numbers
  • 1997 Flash Language Cards*
  • 2002 Chess, increasingly losing against above-mentioned 10-year old son
  • 2003 Go, the only strategy game which can't be played by a computer
  • 2004 Rez, Atari Classics and Eyetoy
  • 2005 Katamari Damacy, Organum*
  • 2005 Birth of first daughter, Medina: endless new games to play
  • 2006 Good Morning Flowers*
  • 2007 Tetris Attack (1996 version), Balance Game*, Oski the Bear*
  • 2008 Black Cloud Alternate Reality Game*
  • 2009 Coloroid for GPhone, GTA Chinatown for Nintendo DS
  • 2010 Airquest*
  • 2017 Sonic Web*

  • Full CV

    Link to the full Curriculum Vitae for Greg Niemeyer on Google Docs is here: Greg Niemeyer CV