portrait of Greg Niemeyer in front of ancient walls in Morocco, by @visualisa

Photo of Greg Niemeyer by @visualisa.e

Greg Niemeyer


Welcome to my home page! I am a data artist, and I teach at UC Berkeley. I love email, it's a whole new way of life. So please write to me at my last name at berkeley.edu.


Link to my bio on Google Docs.


Here are a few selected videos, articles and interviews about my work.

  • Video interview about Data Art on youtube.
  • Print interview about Online Education in Le Monde.
  • Link to a translation of the Le Monde Article in Google Docs
  • Print profile about being a Data Artist in Tages-Anzeiger, from 2017.
  • Photos

    Here is a link to an album of freely usable (CC 3.1) portraits.

    Social Media

    Follow my work on Instagram and Facebook.


    Sound Art

    Sound art has a history that starts in the early 20th century with the invention of the electromagnetic speaker, which is really an instrument in its own right, when driven by non-recorded but generated soundwaves. My sound artwork usually deals with data sonification. I learned this from Chris Chafe. Here are some recentr projects:

  • Ice Core Walk, Bergen, Norway, 2018
  • Cave Bell, Mount Gambier, Australia, 2018
  • Tsar Bell, St. John's Cathedral, San Francisco, 2017
  • Video Art

    Video Art has its origins in pre-video early cinema, with artists such as Walter Ruttman. My work usually ends up looking like music videos, although the music is not pop music. Here are some recent examples:

  • A Day in the Sun, Music Video, Music by Chris Chafe, 2018 (link will be up soon)
  • Memory Palace, with music by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, Internet Archive, San Francisco 2017
  • Gnosisong, Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City, Mexico, 2015
  • Interactive Art

    Interactive Art is a curious term, because all art interacts with its viewers. Art sparks interpretations, and none are wrong. But some artt changes in appearance as viewers become users and manipulate the work. This does not mean that it is "more better" interactive than other art, just different. Here are some recent examples:

  • Sonic Web, network sonification tool, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2017.
  • Supraliminal (online remix), sonification tool, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2017.
  • Wave Synthesis Player, sonification tool, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2017.
  • Research

    My research is about developing and testing new kinds of media, or Media Innovation. I do this work mostly in data visualization and data sonification, and in the areas of air quality and education.

    Air Quality Media Innovation

    My work on air quality was funded by a MacArthur Grant in 2008, and became a startup company in 2009. Aclima's tools include my Multimodal Networked Air Quality Sensor Patent. The startup is called aclima.io, and they are working closely with corporate partner Google to bring air quality to Streetview.

    Online Education

    Online education gives us ways to track student progress in a course more closely than ever before, and what is done with that data, at whose cost, and to what end, remains a bug question. The tools I developed with John Scott give stundents access to their own data. They also enable a new unit for understanding the impact of education, the Engagement Index. These tools are now part of blackboard and canvas.


    I teach at UC Berkeley in the Department of Art Practice. My courses are interdisciplinary and are generally open to all students, space permitting.

    Data Arts

  • Link to the Data Arts Syllabus in Google Docs
  • Political Aesthetics of Music Video

    While music videos are classified as entertainment, they nevertheless are the source of many contemporary myths. Myths deeply influence how communities make decisions and what values they pursue. This course discusses the cultural impacts of a wide range of music videos and gives students a place, time, and community to produce their own music videos with original music.

  • Link to the Music Video Syllabus in Google Docs
  • Game Design Methods

    Media Innovation is alive and well in Game Design, where a single new funloop, interactive device or play method can still change the industry or the independent game culture.

  • Link to the Game Design Syllabus in Google Docs
  • Graduate Seminars in Art Practice

    The Art Practice MFA program includes two MFA-only courses: Art Writing and Studio Critique. I teach these courses in rotation.

    Digital Art History Summer Sessions

    Each year, Nuria Rodriguez organizes a weeklong intensive summer session to teach international graduate students Digital Art History methods. The session includes talks, demonstrations and collaborative projects in a focused, cooperative and positive environment.

  • Link to the DAHSS website at the University of Malaga, Spain
  • Service

    Service covers all the work I do to support and develop the operation of my home department, the University of California at UC Berkeley and the University of California system.

    Berkeley Center for New Media

    I co-founded and directed BCNM, and I love this interdisciplinary Ph.D. program and its lecture series. The series is at atc.berkeley.edu, and I'm an associate director of the series, which was started by Ken Goldberg.

    UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice

    Art Practice is my home department, and I work there on all things new media. I am also rebuilding the website with an amazing team of students.

    Privacy and Security at UC Berkeley

    I am a Privacy and Security activist, because I am concerned about how hard it is to maintain agency and control over data we generate, be it implicitly or explicitly. I learned much about how complex these issues are when we had a undisclosed surveillance issue on campus, and the story is linked here.


    I collaborate often. Here I will soon post a link to the network I participate in.