State Change


Greg Niemeyer
and Chris Chafe

Ice Core Sonification (Deuterium and CO2)

Greg Niemeyer (@gregniemeyer) is a UC Berkeley Professor for Media Innovation, currently on Sabbatical at Stanford University's amazing Brown Institute for Media Innovation. Chris Chafe is the Duca Professor for Music at Stanford University and the Director of CCRMA, the Center for Computer Research in Music and Accoustics. He's not on twitter.

This talk attempts to tackle issues in the ways climate change is measured, described, and shared among people who are more or less affected by climate change. The main idea is that climate change is real, immediate and larger than us. It cannot be communicated, shared or "mediated'. Learning from other things that cannot be mediated, it seems possible to do a better, more inclusive job to deal with climate change if we assume that it cannot be communicated.